Counterstrike 1911 Custom Package

Built For Battle

This custom package transforms your 1911 into one of the best fighting handguns available. It has everything you need for self defense. Match quality accuracy while still maintaining absolute reliability. 

Theres no secret to the steadfast performance of this package. It starts by using quality firearms ( Or frame and slides ) as a base to build on. We use only the highest quality aftermarket  parts and refine those parts to work flawlessly as a coherent whole.

All the while never forgetting the original intent of this firearm. It is to be a reliable and accurate self defense weapon. 

The package can be customized to your needs as long as it does not sacrifice the quality or reliability of the weapon. ( Such as different sites, brand of barrel etc.)

The original Counterstrike pistol was built over 15 yrs ago. It has fired countless rounds, been carried, dropped , drowned just about anything you can imagine happening to one that has been taken everywhere. And it is still as reliable as the day it was built. 

PACKAGE PRICE $ 1,475.00 (.45ACP) Other calibers may differ in price.

Kart Match Barrel.

EGW- Sear, F.P. Stop, Ejector, Slide Stop, HD Extractor.

Cylinder & Slide- Disconnector, Tactical Hammer, Thumb Safety.

Ed Brown- Mainspring Housing, Extended Mag Release, Memory Groove Beavertail, Barrel Bushing.

Novak Low Mount Sights.

Wilson Combat- Lightweight Trigger.

Smith & Alexander - .220 Radius beavertail ( Springfield & Caspian Frames).

KG 2400 Gun Kote finish.