Warhammer 870 CUSTOM PACKAGE

Power and Performance

The Warhammer package refines the already solid Remington 870 platform. It provides you with everything you need to defend your life, and the lives of those you have a duty to protect. Whether at home or off on a far away battlefield.

It is a rock solid package that increases reliability, accuracy and function. It transforms your stock 870 into a true fighting shotgun. Only the highest quality parts are used in our builds. Ones with a proven record of performance. And we fit and tune those parts to create a weapon that will give you years of trouble free service.

The application of Trijicons ghost ring sights allow you to get on target fast and stay on target for rapid follow up shots. The internal parts are tuned and polished  to create a smooth and reliable action. The slide is modified to enable the shotgun to cycle in case of a short stroke or a double feed malfunction. A tactical trigger job is also performed to enhance trigger feel.  It creates a crisp and responsive trigger that is lighter than stock while maintaining safety and reliability. All sharp edges have been beveled and blended inside and out. While making the gun much more comfortable and user friendly. It has also removed stress points from critical areas of the action.

The stock M.I.M extractor is replaced by one EDM cut (Volquartsen) from solid bar stock steel and tuned to provide error free extraction. A lightweight machined adapter (Mesa Tactical) is employed so adjustable AR stocks and grips can be utilized. A Tri-Raill forend (Ergo) machined from Mil-Spec aluminum is used that will securely hold grips, lights and lasers on precision machined rails that allow for a repeatable zero.

A +2 Magazine extension (Scattergun Tech) machined from steel for durability and a increase in capacity. Followed by a 6 round slim line side saddle ( Mesa Tactical ) for quick and easy reloads. It also comes equipped with a Bravo Company Gunfighter grip and stock. To round out the package a large headed safety (Scattergun Tech) is added that is easy to manipulate in low light or with gloved hands. 

Cerakote finish available in Sniper Gray, O.D. Green, Magpul FDE and Graphite Black. 


Package price includes all parts, labor and refinishing in Cerakote. Only Remington 870s with 18.5 inch bead base barrels are eligible for package at this price. Barrels without bead bases or over 18.5 inches will incur additional labor costs.